Make a speech

The bride and groom have had the dubious judgement to give us the reins for the wedding dinner by appointing us as Toasters! If you would like to make a speech/song/spoken word or other surprise during the wedding, please contact us at


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The Toasters

Who are the fabulous Toasters?

Gabriella "Bell" Johansson

Bell and Cecilia got to know each other in high school. More specifically, during hollow hour, which was spent in the kitchen on the first floor. The friendship was a fact when Cecilia saved Bell from a French failing grade and that both had a fondness for the German band Tokio Hotel (yes, you read that right!). Despite solid plans, there was unfortunately never a concert trip together, but other trips have been made over the years.

Simon Börjesson

This is Simon, who you may have guessed is Cecilia's younger brother. Although he is younger, he is not smaller. Simon gets everything served on a silver platter and is the self-proclaimed fashion guru who changes jobs more often than normal people change their cell phones. He looks forward to roasting his sister (and Sorosh) at the wedding (as he does on a regular basis).